We clean escalator disinfection system

01 Jun 2020


Your hands touch each day so many items. Those items are infected with viruses and bacteria. Imagine when you are in a mall and you grab the handrail of an escalator so you can balance in between floors and levels. Now imagine that handrail been infected with hundreds of thousands of viruses and bacteria. Our studies have found saliva, urine, mucus, faecal matter, blood, E coli, viruses, bacteria and fungi on the surfaces of the handrails. Even when you hold lightly the railing means exposing yourself to a surprising quantity of diseases. Studies in London underground have further revealed that the escalator handrails hold up to 17 times more germs that the average toilet handles.
Triple cleaning system to remove dirt and germs in a single step:
Firstly, an eco-friendly natural disinfectant, kills most of the germs on the handrail.
Second, a three-level roller wipes off any dirt and remaining residues to leave the handrail clean.
Third, a strong UV lamp takes action eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi and leaving the surface super clean resulting in a 99.99% clean handrail.

Our system can be connected with a personalized App which you can use to keep an eye on the cleaning progress virtually from anywhere, it fits all escalator due to the unique patented design and features a 7’’ LCD monitor which you can use to target your audience and display your personalized company adds and promotional material. What could be better than protecting your own and your customer’s health while promoting your business or other businesses and making money at the same time? Contact us today for a consultation session at your premises.