Air disinfection sterilizers

Air disinfection sterilizers

Our air disinfection sterilizers use safe radiation, sometimes called black light which reliably and significantly reduces the germ load and improves hygiene and storage conditions using an electromagnetic wave length that is just outside the part of the spectrum of the human eye in between 100 and 400 nanometres. In particular, short-wave UV radiation has a strong viricidal and bactericidal effect. The radiation is absorbed by the microorganisms’ DNA destroying its structure which this inactivates the living cells and kills them. With our UV disinfection and sterilization, microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi are killed and eliminated by 99.99%. Even pathogenic organisms like cholera, polio, typhoid, hepatitis and other bacteria are inactivated with great efficacy

Detailed introduction
 Functional characteristics of ceiling type medical air sterilizer:
1. Efficient disinfection: realize natural bacteria killing rate in the air as high as 99.999%.
2. Efficient purification: the removal of particulate matter above 0.1 um in the air is more than 99.00%.
3. Broad-spectrum sterilization: for bacteria, mold, viruses and dry coliforms in the air;
4. Energy-saving and environmental protection: The waste gas treatment can be recovered by dust-collecting method.
5. Intelligent control: dynamic disinfection (man-machine coexistence), the application of gas, particles, oxygen and other sensing technology;
It can display air quality, PM2.5, temperature, humidity and other practical data.
Automatic control of startup and shutdown is realized.
High, medium and low wind speed can be adjusted.
6. High-end luxury: the use of microcomputers and luxury LCD screen design, automatic, timing, manual three disinfection mode of arbitrary choice;
7. Easy maintenance: After using semiconductors, the contaminated parts and components can be washed with clean water; when the machine needs to be cleaned or maintained, there are prompts on the screen.

Technical parameters:
           Name                                                                                                Model
                                                                                         VBY-Q-600                    VBY-Q-800                     VBY-Q-1000
Circulating air volume (m3/h)                                                   600                              800                                  1000
Applicable room volume (m3)                                                  ≤60                              ≤80                                  ≤100
Purification efficiency (for 0.5 um)
Particle concentration, particle/m3)%                                                                       ≥90
Noise [dB(A)]                                                                                                             ≤60
Ultraviolet lamp life (h)                                                                                            ≥8000
Ultraviolet Leakage (UW/cm2)                                                                                   ≤5
Ozone concentration (mg/m3)                                                                                   ≤0.1
Working Voltage of Ionization Device (KV)                                                           ±5.0~10.0
Rated input power (W)                                                          ≤200                              ≤260                                ≤280
Ambient temperature and humidity                                                            -5℃~45℃    ≤90%RH
Power supply voltage and frequency                                                 ~   AC220V±22V  50Hz±0.5Hz
type                                                                                                                    Ceiling Type
Dimension (mm)                                                                                        645(L)*645(W)*380(H)

Product applications:
1. Hospital: ward, delivery room, treatment room, operation room, preparation room, supply room, etc.
2. Blood station: blood collection, sterile room and blood bank.
3. Pharmaceutical factory: aseptic room, buffer room, warehouse, laboratory, studio and dressing room.
4. Scientific research: electronic purification room, laboratory, computer room, buffer room, warehouse, studio and dressing room.
5. Factory: workshop, buffer room, warehouse and dressing room.
6. Food: sanitary products workshop, production workshop, packaging workshop and warehouse, etc.
7. Company: Office, Conference Room, Computer Room and Reception Room.
8. Kindergarten: classroom, recreation room, etc.
9. Bank: Stock Exchange, Office Hall, Computer Room, Business Hall, Treasury, etc.
10. Public places: office buildings, cinemas, hotels, entertainment, beauty salons, buses, trains.
11. Family: living room, bedroom, children’s room, etc.

Compared with ultraviolet, ozone and filtration technologies:
A. Human-machine coexistence, dynamic disinfection 0.5 hours sterilization rate can reach 90%.
B. Semiconductor convex electric field, fearing the fusing of high-voltage tungsten wire, is more efficient than Honeywell electric field for sterilization and longer life.
C. It solves the problem of difficult cleaning of sheet electrostatic field and recycling of processed materials. The product is a unit structure, which can be configured according to the needs of users ‘environment, highlights the individuality of the product, eliminates the surplus value of the product and reduces the cost.