Dog Respawnsible

We are the proud creators of Dog Respawnsible ‘save a life’ scheme. A concept idea which was created and implemented over 3 years ago inspired out of our love to mans’ best companion and our need to strive our best as part of our corporate social responsibility to offer better living conditions to the 4 legged friends. 

Today what has started as a noble idea it has evolved to a major project involving respectable companies in Cyprus. 

The main idea involves many companies offering on a monthly basis a minor sum as little as 10euro and that amount is used to feed and shelter the homeless dogs. For transparency reasons all amounts are deposited by each company to an open account for inspection. 

Contact us today to find out how you too …’’can save a life’’

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Cyprus Says No More

We are people. We are sensitive people. We are people who care about other people. We are people who do not take injustice and cannot tolerate the suffering of other people. We are people who dream of a better world free from violence and negative feelings. Free from bullying, free from fear. We are people who want to live free and who want to dream of a better tomorrow. We are people who feel, who care who love who live life. We are nothing extraordinary. We are just people who deserve to be called humans just because we care enough. Do you?

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