Disinfection & Sterilizing

Viruses, bacteria, yeasts and mold are present everywhere where there are people. These viruses enter the human body through the normal process of breathing making us sick with sometimes dangerous and catastrophic health issues. Airports, hospitals, theaters, schools, banks, supermarkets and offices are usually packed with these bacteria and viruses and many times are difficult if not impossible to avoid taking them in. They jeopardize our health, contaminate our raw materials, and cause food poisoning.

Our sterilisers use safe radiation, sometimes called black light which reliably and significantly reduces the germ load and improves hygiene and storage conditions using an electromagnetic wave length that is just outside the part of the spectrum of the human eye, in between 100 and 400 nanometres. Short-wave UV radiation has a strong viricidal and bactericidal effect. The radiation is absorbed by the microorganism’s DNA destroying its structure, inactivating and ultimately killing them. With our UV disinfection and sterilization, microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi are killed and eliminated by 99.99%. Even pathogenic organisms like cholera, polio, typhoid, hepatitis and other bacteria are inactivated with great efficacy.

Our sterilizers have no chemicals or odour, are environmentally friendly, cost efficient, do not create any carcinogenic by-products, are safe, quick, nontoxic and are easy to install and maintain. Our systems will protect your family members, guests, friends and clients and will ultimately safe you time and effort giving you an added value-proposition.
Companies throughout the world are now adding our systems as part of their CSR strategy protecting their customers and caring about their employee’s health and safety. It’s in your hands to protect and be protected. Do you care enough?

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Disinfection and Sterilizing
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