Autonomous UV disinfection robotics

Autonomous UV disinfection robotics

UV Robotic Disinfection by request / Pay per sterilizing visit
Viruses, bacteria, yeasts and mold is the modern life threat and its can be found everywhere where people gather. These viruses enter the human body through the normal process of breathing making us sick with sometimes dangerous and catastrophic health issues. Airports, hospitals, theaters, schools, banks, supermarkets and offices are usually packed with these bacteria and viruses and many times are difficult if not impossible to avoid taking them in. They jeopardize our health, contaminate our raw materials, and cause food poisoning.

Our UV robots use safe radiation, sometimes called black light which reliably and significantly reduces the germ load and improves hygiene and storage conditions using an electromagnetic wave length that is just outside the part of the spectrum of the human eye, in between 100 and 400 nanometres. Short-wave UV radiation has a strong viricidal and bactericidal effect. The radiation is absorbed by the microorganism’s DNA destroying its structure, inactivating and ultimately killing them. With our UV Robot microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi are killed and eliminated by 99.99%. Even pathogenic organisms like cholera, polio, typhoid, hepatitis and other bacteria are inactivated with great efficacy.

Our sterilizers have no chemicals or odour, are environmentally friendly, cost efficient, do not create any carcinogenic by-products, are safe, quick, nontoxic and are easy to install and maintain. Our UV robot will protect your family members, guests, friends and clients and will ultimately safe you time and effort giving you an added value-proposition.

Our UV robot can be used in hospitals, clinics, surgery rooms, private companies, restaurants, malls, schools, labs, retail stores as well as private residences. In most of the European countries the use of high tech UV disinfection is mandatory by law and is regulated by the ministry of Health.
The robot is able to move autonomously using a mapping technology which makes it fast, efficient and effective in both small and large areas.  It reduces the investment in human resources and helps promote the working efficiency and quality. The robot is also capable of autonomous charging, continuous operation, low power early warning and automatic recharging, thus effectively ensuring the endurance of the device.

What we have done to better serve the needs of our customers is that we have created a service by which you can make an appointment with one of our service teams and they will come to your space for a deep disinfection session. Companies throughout the world are now adding our UV robot as part of their CSR and Health and safety strategy in order to protect the health of their employees and customers and every day more and more families are choosing our services to protect their loved ones so call us today for a free consultation.